You grow up, you grow apart


We were the closest group in school
We went everywhere together
We shared all our joys and happiness with each other
We spent all our time talking to each other
We did anything we could to make the others happy
We would definitely sacrifice our happiness for that of others
We knew the depth of our friendship and we cherished it
We laughed our assess off when we were together
We cried together when we had a problem
We missed each other when we were away

But now things will change
We will soon be scattered all across the globe
We may be doing our own thing
We may not be able to find time in our hectic schedule to keep in touch
We may not talk to each other in months
We may not know what is happening in each others’ lives
We will still cherish the friendship…but it may all be in the past
We may find that missing link when we return home
Slowly, it may become easier to be away from each other


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