Rickshaw no-show

After a grueling day at work and a strenuous train journey, all I was looking forward to was a relaxing evening with the family. But as I approached the rickshaw stand, it appeared to be a mirage in the desert.

Several rickshaw drivers downright refuse to go to areas less than 2km away.

At the Malad station, when one reveals that he wants to go to Orlem, the rickshaw driver reacts as though he was just asked to go to a red light area or a haunted house.

I have even waited for half an hour with hope, just so that I don’t have to walk the 1.5km home. Of course, it was futile, because that’s exactly what happened.

Rickshaw drivers have also been as nefarious to senior citizens, with bags of luggage, just hoping for some help with lugging the bags.

I seriously end up cursing such drivers, praying that they don’t get any more customers on the way.


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