The grass is greener right where I am!

The biggest complain that I have about people is that they keep complaining! (Ironic, I know)

People complain about their relationships, house, work, commute, society, country. It seems like there is nothing they are happy about.

When you get a job after months of searching, you complain that you are either burdened with work, or not given enough responsibility.

When you find a house, you complain about something not functioning properly.

When you find a life partner, you complain that the wedding costs too much.

When you get into the best of colleges, you complain that the faculty can’t teach.

When you have nothing else to complain about, there is always “India and its dismal state”.

I say it with pride – I was once like this. I used to complain about everything gone wrong and question the situation with complete frustration. The grass was always greener on the other side.

So I finally decided that complaining isn’t taking me anywhere (something everyone knows yet few practice). I gave myself work to do in the form of a new business plan for the company. Needless to say, it worked out – my bosses loved it!

So the next time you think that the grass is greener on the other side, get out that fertilizer and start doing things for yourself!


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