Blogging challenge?

When giving the URL of this blog to a friend, I began to wonder why I started another blog, when I couldn’t even maintain my previous one.

Maybe it could be my delight at exploring new options to make a page (if that does prove to be that reason, I am definitely going to try my hand at designing).

Perhaps there was a valid reason for me convincing myself that I will be able to maintain this one. After having pushed that thought to the back of my mind, on my way home, I realized that ideas for articles kept coming to me.

Something as simple as my journey back home from work is tattered with many instances that tug at my emotions and I find myself deciding and reciting the flow the story should take.

Bombay seems to be filled many opportunities to pen down some words.

So on that thought, I hope that I can maintain the enthusiasm with which I have penned down this post.


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