Game Play

Setup: There are essentially 2 players (M & F). Other players may join the game with the consent of the two original players.

Game Play: M’s main motive is to advance forward as quickly as possible, but at the same time, has to make sure to avoid certain obstacles called “commitment”. F’s main motive is to advance forward slowly and to disguise those obstacles for M.

Of course, the game begins with M finding different ways to lure F into taking the same path.

During the game, other players (M1/F1) may join in with the consent of either original player. Thereafter, the motive of the additional player is to lure M/F away from their path.

There are several other obstacles on the path to the end, which the players can either choose to cross over together, or where one can leave the other behind.

The game ends when either player achieves their motives entirely, i.e. either when M/M1 has managed to reach the end without falling into the traps of commitment or when F/F1 has managed to trap their opposite player into going down the road to commitment.

An ideal end (though rarely achieved) is when M willingly walks down the disguised commitment path without being lured there.


1. M, F and all other additional players need to keep their motives a secret throughout the game.

2. Neither player should appear too involved in the game. This could result in sudden palpitations and in dire cases, the end of the game.

3. In the event that the additional player does succeed in luring one away, the other original player should appear aloof and either choose to quit the game (non-violently) or stay but not interfere with the other players’ game.

4. Mention of past players of the game (who might have exited willingly or through pressure) is absolutely forbidden at any time during the game.

Sounds familiar?

This is definitely the most widely played game in the world, with subtle hints of ‘hide-n-go-seek’, ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘catch me if you can’ – the Game called “Relationships”.

Wanna play?


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