Morning Mishaps

Yesterday started off on a bad foot for me. I got stuck in a lift (when I left home for work), found out that HSBC bank was closed (where I had to meet someone) and then my chappal (roadside one) broke. The sole came off right till the heel, and I had a good 10 minute walk to my office!

I thought – that was it, the start of a horrible day! But then, then I heard an elderly man call out to me and tell me that there was a mochi just down the next lane. It was nothing to rectify the horribleness that was my morning, but it gave me hope that my day could pick up. And it did, I met a great friend (something he has come to be called now) and enjoyed a nice snack, before walking to the station together and leaving for home.

It was a good day…!

Today when walking to work (under the shade of many trees) I saw some bird shit fall right in front of me! Phew! Think today is gonna be a ‘lucky’ day?


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