Beauty Redefined

There were days when the ideal man was “tall, dark and handsome”. So when did the importance of men’s fairness creams pop up?

Today even the biggest stars viz. SRK is found endorsing fairness creams.

Perhaps the mindset of the Indian population is changing. Yesterday on NDTV, Barkha Dutt’s “We The People” discussed the problem of India becoming obsessed with fairness.

Perhaps we are. Young ladies today are in search of the perfect man, and though many don’t admit it, they have a picture of a fair man.

Come to think of it, our idea of the perfect man has changed. Though some may hold on to the traditional “knight in shining armor” idea, but many have grown beyond that idea and are commonly interested in that गोरा [gora], with either a family business, or sustaining himself well. It seems like today’s perfect man has been repositioned – “Tall, fair and have-some”.


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