Simply Pune

My weekend getawaymy safe havenmy freedom

It started off as my-not-so-awaited-home 3 years ago and slowly became my home away from home.

I needed to get away this weekend. I needed to go to a place where I could be me. And what better place than the one where I believe I became who I am today. Just being in those familiar places after so long was comforting. The people were friendly and welcoming, and the places there offered the same satisfaction as always.

Trying to squeeze everything we had done over 3 years into a span of about 24hours was near impossible, but we tried our best. We ate our favourite foods, went to our favourite places and of course, the highlight of it all was the alcohol. It’s what it was all about – drugs, sex and alcohol.

I learned many lessons there and met many different people। The place gave me my best times and I can happily say that I knew I was having the time of my life when I was living it.


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