Google-d Generation

“I don’t know what will happen to this generation!” That’s what our parents said about us. Little did they know that their fears would mostly feature in the next generation.

It looked like yesterday’s newspaper was a “kids” special, with news of children being associated with things that were previously only associated with adults.

Children are committing suicide over exam stress – yesterday it went as far as a 12-year old kid committing suicide after not being able to cope up with a test! But then again, this news isn’t unheard of, and though people criticize it, there is mostly nothing they do when they are in the similar situation.

One very astonishing piece of news was that children as young as 11 and 13 were approaching doctors for plastic surgeries! Peer pressure has certainly reached its height! What’s even more unbelievable is that there is a report wherein parents are actually encouraging this, because it will improve their child’s performance, once they aren’t bothered about their looks. Encouraging this idea could mean that parents could even go to the extent of encouraging their children to sleep around (just so that they do not have to face peer pressure!)

What was further reported was that children are more commonly using email and sms-ing language in their exam papers. Influence off chatting and messaging is actually taking a toll on the future generation. What’s further influencing them is the media and advertisements. Marketing professionals will talk about the importance of branding and making your brand name known and remembered. Don’t think they expected to achieve it to such an extent that children now start using those branded names instead of the actual, and I’m not talking about calling photocopying “xerox“, but spelling quality as “Kwality” after the popular ice cream.

And here I find myself, much like our parents, yelling out to the young ones, “What will happen to your generation?”


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