Why Strike?

About a week back, the taxis and rickshaws in Bombay had gone on strike. Why? Because the State Transport Authority ordered that all “25-year-old” taxis go off the roads by December 3rd 2008. Rickshaws followed suit because they feared that they would be next in line.

While I do not agree with their reason for a strike, I do understand their plight – they fear for their livelihood.

This article could have been solely about how they should either be given appropriate compensation or a chance to continue with new taxis, but the idea turned a complete 180° today morning. While trying to get to work, we approached 4 taxi drivers, asking them if they would go to Santacruz. None of them obliged. It seemed like they preferred to crowd together into one taxi and play cards, than to take the trouble of traveling anywhere.

So then I am forced to ask, “Why have a strike when you’re not interested in working anyway?” Maybe it was just a clever way to take the day off.


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