It Could Happen to Anyone

I have recently noticed that in TV serials, they always build up a character’s happiness on the show, only to show him having passed away on the next episode. They show that he has improved as a person, and that everyone likes him. They show him at his peak, and that’s it. The end.

When we watch such things, we always believe that it doesn’t happen in real life, it’s just a story.

But life too plays wicked games with us. I know of someone who was one of the happier people I have met. She came from a good family and although she had immense wealth, she was down to earth and had her values in place.

She was hit by a train yesterday, while on her way to meet her grandmother for her birthday. She really wanted to meet her (in her own words) “You never know what can happen, and I don’t want to regret not meeting her”. She never made it to her grandmother’s place.

Like with all things I don’t understand, I try to find the deeper reason why such a thing could happen to someone so non-deserving.


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