Educational pride

I admit there have been times wherein I have cursed them for their inefficiencies, blamed them for something going wrong and even ridiculed their hierarchy. But sitting in the auditorium that day, amidst fellow colleagues, was astonishing. I realized how much we achieved, and the relatively short duration within which we did so. The others had elder people speaking on behalf of them, many of whom have created a niche for themselves in the business world and some even renowned speakers. We were a small group, who came to show our support and dedication – to show that we were changed because of its existence. And when they called out “How many from Symbi BBA?”, all prior feelings were lost and my hand shot up with nothing but pride for an institution whose progress in a mere 5 years needn’t be questioned.

Say what you may, the college gave you great years, and given time, we will all be living off the big brand…and enjoying it!


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