Promotional gain

Those living in Mumbai (who keep themselves even remotely updated with Bollywood news) will definitely have witnessed the massive promotion for the movie Ghajini. Be it the posters, sponsorship of major brands, interviews, the hype around Aamir’s 8-pack, and of course the “Ghajini haircut” sported by the cinema staff.

Their promotions definitely paid off, regardless of the critics thrashing the movie. “A second rate movie” is what one critic had to say.
But not only have the producers made their money, other brands are also cashing in on the hype. Kingston, known for its memory storage devices, have used the plot of Ghajini to their advantage. How? Let me give you some background into Ghajini (those who have seen the movie can skip this para). Aamir Khan who plays Sanjay Singhania, an owner of a major cell phone company, witnesses his lady love (played by Asin) being murdered. Unfortunately, the killer has also hit him on the head, because of which he suffers from short term memory loss. He forgets things every 15 minutes, and helps himself remember by tattoing important information on his body and by keeping reminders and pictures.
What’s the common factor between Ghajini and Kingston? Memory, of course! While Aamir loses his memory, Kingston proudly says “With Kingston, never lose your memory”.
Maybe Aamir should have had a Kingston memory device with a little yellow sticky – “Open”!


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