And there is hope after all…

Ever since yesterday I have been thinking about what people do and their motives behind it. While I was leaning towards the fact that there may actually be no selfless good deeds, I saw a glimmer of hope in todays Bombay Times newspaper. Akshay Kumar’s six-year old son, Aarav was also watching the NDTV-Toyota Greenathon, and was intrigued by the fact that villages in India don’t have the basic amenities like electricity and that children of his age do not have light to study and play under. He immediately wanted to know what he could do to help them…and voila! He sponsored a village to become the youngest sponsor of the campaign.

It doesn’t matter that he is only 6 years old and it wasn’t his hard earned money. It’s the thought that counts…and his was truly selfless!


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