Facebook – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What started off as an innocent poke, has now evolved into full fledged wars! From changes in the design to the gazillion odd applications to the countless new features to the most-useful-and-ever-blessed-ignore-all-requests button, Facebook has definitely evolved.

As much as Facebook activists believe that it helps you and connect and share with the people in your life, I do not feel it helps me connect with people anymore than Nokia does. There are people who I keep in touch with through my trustworthy Nokia handset, and those are the very same people I connect with on Facebook. Being on Facebook doesn’t ever make me want to just go to a school friend’s profile and poke her/message her. Seems hypocritical. “I would have probably not even thought about you had your status message not appeared on my home screen, but hello, how are you? Read you are doing your exams.” (sure, that could be seen positively too, but I choose not to).

And while on the topic, what is this need to constantly updates your status message? People have messages saying that they have uploaded pictures of their birthday/some crazy party they went to the other night. I mean, isn’t that what the news feeds are for?

So and So: I have uploaded those crazy party pictures…check them out! followed by So and So has added a new album “That crazy partay” a couple of lines down the page. Do I really care?

And since when have people started wearing their heart on their sleeves so often?

So and So is missing her baby and its only been 2 days!

Trust me, I know long distance relationships (or even trips your bf/gf take without you) can be hard and heart wrenching, but is that reason enough to publicly declare it to the world? Do the people really care? The only person I see ever commenting on such a comment is the other half themselves with “Baby, I’ll be back soon. Counting the days.”

Not everything is right with facebook (and the people who use it 24×7 for that matter), but I must admit – occasionally finding out that an old friend is now in a relationship he said he would never get into does give me a kick, definitely makes my day! Life doesn’t change with the added knowledge (or gossip rather), but it gives me something to laugh out loud about. And who can say that we don’t need that every once in a while?


One thought on “Facebook – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Yao ming! True! Social networking mumbo jumbo! If u have to stay in tuch with ppl u’d b in tch with them anyway, fb or not!

    So ppl, including u, with 1 million ppl on their friend’s list seem to get some strange high from having more and more ‘friends’!! Son of a b!

    And yes, those couple msgs shud b banned! I mean u miss ur hunny bun muffin, so wot the f are the 871 remaining ppl on ur list supposed to do. 3 idiots will go awwww, coochie poochie, but deep down they dont give a shiite either!!

    Over and out!

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