As a baby, your day merely consisted of waking up, crying (or screaming rather), eating, pooping, laughing and sleeping. If you’ve been around an infant for long enough, you would be able to figure out their routine. It remains the same for some months, with some instances of being sick interspersed in between.

As a child, when you grow up, your schedule seems to be less rigorous, mainly since school has entered our daily life, and the time reserved for going out and playing with friends is often screwed up by an overload of homework. This schedule just gets worse as you further yourself in school. Remember studying for your boards?

And then comes college! I believe, that for every day studies has taken a front seat in life, you are repaid with several times more “free time”. There is absolutely no fixed schedule – you don’t wake up at the same time every day (which could be because you don’t sleep at the same time), you don’t have lunch at the same time and early evenings are normally spent deciding how to spend the rest of the evening and night different from the previous day.

Post college and university, your life tends to decline back through the same phases. When you just enter the corporate world, work completely fills your days and you are left with very little free time. Days when you have a huge workload, leave you with very little time to yourself (similar to the days of senior school).

As you grow in the business, you tend to dump your work on your subordinates and you are left with a lot more free time (similar to the days when you first started school).

Then finally, when you retire, your life is back a regular cycle – waking up, eating, pooping, laughing, sleeping, etc. Your day doesn’t tend to change a lot, other than when distant relatives come to visit with grandchildren, or when you’re sick.

And that’s it. Our life cycle. Don’t frown, it’s gonna happen to you too!


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