Kid Talk

Those who know me, know very well that kids amuse me. What amuses me the most is the way they unintentionally imitate adults. Yesterday while attending mass, I was witness to innocent male-female attraction at a young age.

A 4 year old boy was playing with his Noddy key chain when he saw a girl approaching him. In typical male fashion, he flaunted his key chain as if he were an older guy trying to impress a chic by revving the engine of his brand new sports car. Like many girls who are attracted to shiny, new objects, this young girl too responded and walked towards him, the whole while staring at his fascinating possession. They came closer and just as the boy started to talk, she walked away! Ouch! Rejection! Call it sadistic, but it really made me smile! It was perhaps out of empathy.

But of course, as many men say “there are plenty of fish in the sea”, this boy too staggered on and kept flaunting his key chain at other children who passed by, as if it were the only way he could attract people. After a while the girl returned (can’t stay away from new objects for too long, can they?). Unfortunately, the girl just sat there and watched him, as he played with his key chain. And like every girl who craves attention, she tried to distract him from his fascinating play thing, but alas, was not successful.

Seems like boys are just as attracted to new, shiny objects.


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