The comeback

What started off a with a comment by the King Khan himself, has turned into a full blown national war, the effects of which are only mainly felt by the aam junta, because they are being denied pure entertainment.

The Shiv Sena hope that by pulling down posters, thrashing theatres and disturbing public peace, Shah Rukh will realise his apparent mistake and say sorry.

But is he really affected?

Media channels have been solely focusing on this clash for the past week – Shah Rukh’s movie gets its publicity. After all, all publicity is good publicity.

While stars roam to corners of India to promote their movies and reach out to their fans and the public, Shah Rukh has been doing through this controversy. Pick up any newspaper from the last week – Shah Rukh is everywhere.

So while the Shiv Sena were hoping to get Bombay against the King Khan, they have achieved the exact opposite. While they got their 60 seconds of fame, they have not realised that they have given the film great amounts publicity – a level which even the producers may not have thought of.

Firstly, I ask why are the Shiv Sena given so much importance? They are not in power; their opinions and rulings shouldn’t hold any weightage. Yet it does.

Why? Media.

Right now, the media is their only voice to the people. Imagine a scenario where the party heads spoke and spoke with no one to listen? Wouldn’t it tire them?

Perhaps it’s because we are giving them importance and ‘letting’ them have a say in what’s happening in the state, that they are taking undue advantage.

It’s time to switch off people!

After all, ‘zara hatke, zara bachke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan!’


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