Of Apples and Berries

Gone are the times when apples and blackberries were just fruits, and were affordable for even the aam junta.

Now apples are for the elite and blackberries are slowly finding a place amongst the masses, yet still not for the aam junta.

So where does that leave me? Well as much as I told myself and everyone around me that I wouldn’t give in to the apparent juiciness of the blackberry, I did. It was last September when I laid my hands on my very own Blackberry. My excuse for buying it? Well, ease of communication, and, more importantly, writing. Writing has always been an outlet for my thoughts and writing on the go seemed convenient and exciting. At this point I can almost hear the non-blackberry users exclaim that there are other phones with the same function. But trust me, it’s different. The ease with which you type on a BlackBerry as compared to a touch screen  phone is incomparable. If there ever were a reason why I wouldn’t go for the iPhone, this would be the sole one. Yes at this point, I can hear the sighs of disappointment and exclamations of disbelief. But it’s true. I guess as much as I didn’t want to…I’ve been sucked into the BlackBerry trap that I used to laugh and tease friends about.

And when friends now tease me about it, I just sit back and smile – their time will come soon.

So although I know that with this, I’m probably burying myself deeper into the trap, instead of clawing my way out, I did it anyway – Pages of my Waking Life has now been completely moved to WordPress. Why? They have a BlackBerry app. Convenience wins yet again. Read on…

5 thoughts on “Of Apples and Berries

  1. NO! (Not about WordPress that’s fine.) NO Blackberry has claimed another victim 😦 I hate the keypad – BTW! Not cool woman. Not cool.

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