Monsoons-the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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I got a message from a friend which read, ‘Its raining che!’. Almost simultaneously I heard my friend on the phone say, ‘What? Really?’ We both ran down the stairs of our office bungalow in a gleeful excitement. As we looked passed the door, which was a little ajar, we saw a beautiful yellow world. Yes it was true – it was raining!  We both stood with our arms spread and allowed the drops of rain to slowly hit our heads, and soak through us. We didn’t care that it was dirty, carrying with it a bit of Bombay pollution in every drop. It was the first rain and we just had to soak in the feeling, the wind, and the smell of that wet mud, so closely associated with the first rain. It was a great day. I spent the next few minutes, just admiring the rain gushing down from the sky, and flooding every inch of space it found. It cleaned the roof of my office, it cleaned the cars, and fortunately, it even cleaned off every bit of sweat we’d experienced since the beginning of summer. Yes, the rain was very much needed and awaited!

It’s been about 5 days since the first rain in Mumbai, and it’s been raining heavily ever since. And while the relief of not sweating everyday to work is still there, it diminishes every time I step out of my house into a little puddle of water. I now truly understand the law of diminishing utility that my Economics teacher tried so hard to drill into our heads – the more you have something, the less of it you want.

The roads are flooded, the potholes seem to be increasing in size (the depth of which you’d never know because it’s always filled with water), wet clothes don’t dry that easily, local trains are delayed, stations are flooded (with people more than water), and yes, the bottom part of your jeans are wet and muddy. When you think about it, now instead of coming to work dripping in sweat, you have the privilege of entering your office soaked in the monsoon showers. Which of the two evils do you prefer? Instead of getting just a bumpy ride to work, you have the added possibility of getting rain water sprayed on you from a passing car or bike. Instead of people in the local trains being irritated because of the heat and humidity, they now yell because of the wet clothes, umbrellas and overcoats.

Yes! The monsoon lives up to its name every year – it relieves us from the heat, and pushes its luck for the next couple of months till we are completely soaked till our bones with the blessings it has to offer.


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