The Holiday Debate

So it’s that time of the year again – it’s off-peak time for your work, you have a lot of leave to spare, and that yearly bonus is sitting in your bank account in the form of savings and isn’t really en’rich’ing your life. So you decide to take a holiday, but you’re faced with a choice – beach or mountains. Which do you choose?

If someone had to give me the choice I would choose mountains; but that’s perhaps because I’ve been to the beach way too often, and the mountains are unexplored for me. But if I think about it, it does have the potential to leave you in a dilemma.

It all comes down to what you’re doing in life. Let’s look at this during different times in people’s life.

1. College student (who has only enough money that has been saved from pocket money)
Your thirst for adventure might be out measured by your thirst for, well, alcohol. Yes as much as you might argue that you get alcohol in the mountains, it’s altogether different when you’re sitting with your ‘toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in your hand.’ So as a college student looking for adventure and good times, you would opt for a beach holiday. After all, it’s cheaper than a trip up North.

2. Single working professional
Having completed just about 3-4 years of work, you have collected enough of your own money to spend it on yourself. While beaches always sound appealing, you feel that it’s time to leave the sands alone and take a look at something more adventurous. After all, you can always visit the beach over your next long weekend.

3. Engaged
This is your ultimate holiday, not your last holiday for sure, but there will be a steady change in your holidays and frequency of holidays in the coming years. Since what you’re looking for is an entire holiday to just freak out, you may opt for a beach, where you can sit back and admire the beauty, while soaking in the sun and scene. After all, you can’t get drunk out of your mind and fall off a mountain cliff.

4. Happily married
After being married for a couple of years, you begin to think of yourself with respect to your immediate family. You realise your importance; and would opt for a more stable and steady holiday destination like a beach. If you have a child, the urge to keep safe is even more magnified, as you need to provide for the family. After all, you wouldn’t want to take your child to someplace where the weather can adversely affect them either.

5. Retired
It’s common knowledge that we slowly go back down the age graph, and become acting more like children as we grow older. Just when we retire, we would want to again sit by the beach with a beer in one hand and relive the good days. Some years into retirement, you would feel so settled in the beach, that any place, other than a beach town, would seems completely empty to you. After all, nothing compares to the place you became an adult, one with the best memories of your youth.

Of as greedy as man is, we’d want BOTH!

3 thoughts on “The Holiday Debate

  1. Why have I not seen this? Have I seen this?! I have signed up for email alerts so I don’t miss these things! This was so lovely. It makes me want to run away somewhere and just travel and travel…. without a care in the world. Promise to take me everywhere with you in your suitcase!

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