These Streets

When you don’t have the words, you can always find peace with music.

Cross the border, Into the big bad world
Where it takes you ’bout an hour
Just to cross the road
Just to stumble across another poor old soul from
The dreary old lanes to the high-street madness
I fight with my brain to believe my eyes
And it’s harder than you think
To delay this sadness
That creeps up my spine
And haunts me through the night
And life is good and the girls are gorgeous
Suddenly the air smells much greener now
And I’m wandering around
With a half pack of cigarettes
Searching for the change that I’ve lost somehow

These streets have too many names for me
I’m used to Glenfield road and spending my time down in Orchy
I’ll get used to this eventually

Where’d the days go? When all we did was play
And the stress that we were under wasn’t stress at all
Just a run and a jump into a harmless fall from
Walking by a high-rise to a landmark square
You see millions of people with millions of cares
And I struggle to the train to make my way home
I look at the people as they sit there alone

Life is good, and the sun is shining
Everybody floods to their ideal place
And the children all smile as the boats suffle by them
Trying to pretend that they’ve got some space

~ Paolo Nutini


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