Perfectly Lonely

There is something about the city that requires me to constantly have company. I can’t ever imagine myself sitting alone in a coffee shop or even walking alone on the road without a particular destination (mostly to meet friends). I guess it’s the fast paced city life that constantly pushes you have a destination, a path to travel on – a purpose to be alive.

And then there’s the mountains. I could sit there for hours with not a soul to talk to, or look at. I could take a walk up a trail and not look to anyone to edge me to keep going. The mountains are there for company and the rapidly flowing river for continuous conversation. The flowers add the much needed colour to my life and a tiny bird can bring the biggest smile to my face.

I will always live in the city, as much as I detest the noise and crowd, but the mountains will always call me back with a short, simple call of the babbling river.

And I’m sure I will return.


One thought on “Perfectly Lonely

  1. Wow Faye. I love this. It was brilliant…. really. It makes me want that (well deserved?!) break even more right now. Although I’d like to imagine myself perfectly lonely in the city too. The idea of walking down a street watching everyone rush to do their thing with no particular destination (not our streets sadly) is extremely attractive to me. But mountains with little rivulets dancing down? That’s the dream 🙂

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