Misty mountains and gushing rivers

God made things so beautiful, great and small
From the mountains and trees to the great waterfalls
Listen to the river flow and the wind blow
With every encounter it leaves you wanting more

Stop for a moment and look above,
It’s definitely a scene with which to fall in love
The rocky mountains soar to the sky
With the mist covering it, you’ll never know how high

Walk over the wobbly bridge and stand there for a while
And watch the river as it gushes for miles
Dip your feet in the river and feel the chill pass through you
These moments are precious and far too few

Lie down on a rock and watch the clouds pass by
The sloping mountains are a sight for sore eyes
Listen as the river jumps over the rocks
As agile as a monkey and strong as an ox

You’re alone in this world, with not a soul in sight
Just the rivers and mountains to keep you safe at night
So come and take this walk with me
It’s the only moment you’ll be completely free.


4 thoughts on “Misty mountains and gushing rivers

  1. Shubham, class 10 Literature here isn’t saying much.
    Faye – 🙂 Poetry 🙂 The picture is heavenly so it’s slightly distracting. But lovely 🙂 Makes me want to be there. Also makes me use several smileys apparently…

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