32,000 feet above

There isn’t much else you hope for after seeing an infant board the plane and walk past the 2 vacant seats next to you. Imagine my excitement when I realised that my flight will be taking off into the Goa sunrise.

We took off with the help of runway lights, and as I admired the deserted beaches down below, the sky turned a dark purple beckoning me to take a look. As my luck would have it, I was seated facing the east – ready to take in the glory of a Goa sunrise. It took me back to a night I so desperately wanted to watch a Goa sunrise that I Google-d the timings, tried to figure which direction faced east, and eventually ended up not even stepping out of the room until well after sunrise. Perhaps that’s when the best memories are made.

I quietly watched as the sky turned from dark purple to dark orange, slowly shedding light on the morning sky. It’s a magnificent sight – your world is literally cut into two, with a line so distinct you’d have to believe that God has the best scale around. As the night sky of purple and dark blue move higher into the sky, only the bright yellow rays of the sun peek over the horizon. Streaks of clouds are now visible in an otherwise clear sky. As much as I hate to be sitting for long periods of time, I’ve never been more disappointed to hear the captain announce our descent into Mumbai.

As the descent begins, the semi circle of the Sun announces a brand new day. The plane comes to a final stop at the airport and I catch a final glance of the Sun and in a quick gesture, I nod my head in gratefulness.

At the end, I’m proud to say that I’ve seen one of the most magnificent sights – a sunrise from 32,000 feet above.

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