Holiday Hangover Cures

The first day of work after a great holiday always has you down in the dumps. Your mind wanders off to happier times…perhaps to when you were sipping a drink at a shack on the beach with an uninterrupted view of the sunset and the waves crashing against the shore making for pleasant music. Pure bliss! But the shrill ring of the phone brings you back to reality – with a screen in front of you, a coffee at your desk and the sound of the keyboard-clicks as your background score.

Yes, you are suffering from a holiday hangover. Your stomach craves any food even remotely close to the holiday treats and rejects all else, your head throbs with the excessive city noise and you make promises to get back as soon as you can.

So how do you get over your holiday and move on? How do you get back to the routine without your mind wandering off every so often? Here are some of my remedies:

1. Cut-off and distract yourself
Just like you would break away from an ex, cut away from the holiday. Avoid looking at pictures of the place or even recounting tales of the trip. You’d be surprised how not thinking about your holiday could help. Distract yourself with other work. Get involved with a project or assignment, which would take up most of your time.

2. Attempt to recreate the magic
It’s a shot in the dark, but you can always get together with the same friends (those of whom are in the city) and try to recreate the magic of your holiday. Go to a bar and drink, go to a club and dance. But beware! Everyone’s enthusiasm will not match that of your holiday, let alone the events of the night. A holiday is called a holiday for a reason. I, for one, wouldn’t recommend it.

3. Rebound Holiday
Similar to the advice you receive to get over a long relationship, comes the concept of a rebound holiday. Though the idea of getting over one person by getting involved with another seems rather brash, when it comes to holidays, it’s definitely milder. One of the best ways to get over one holiday is to get on with another. Get back from one holiday and start making plans for the next. Check travel tickets, hotel rates, exchange rates and sightseeing destinations. So what if the plan eventually doesn’t materalize? You did stop yourself from sulking about the end of your holiday, and in the bargain even learnt something new about a place.

If you ask me, a rebound holiday is the best way to get over a great holiday. After all, that’s exactly what I’m doing.


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