High Heels and Old Friends

With a view from above, you’d see the school ground filled with flying graduation caps and camera flashes. If you weaved through the crowd you’d hear the camera clicks which were drowned in the sounds of laughter. People tugged you to their group, and all you could do was smile as the flash went off. Cheers rang out.

Despite being about 10 years ago, she remembered that day almost vividly. The lights of the oncoming traffic on the other side of the road reminded her of the camera flashes that didn’t seem to stop that day. They came from every angle as people hugged each other, laughed together and created some of the best memories. She had received a certificate of merit earlier that evening. As she waited in line, she heard her name called out and excitedly walked up the stairs to the stage amidst loud applause. She remembered thinking, “What a feeling! I’ve graduated!”

A blaring horn brought her back to reality, when she thought about where she was headed. That was the last day she’d seen most of the people she would come face to face with today – at her high school reunion.

As she entered the hotel lobby, she spotted the sign welcoming her class of 2000 – it was then that she wished it would have been held at her school auditorium instead – her school milestones took place in that very auditorium – first school play, board exams, graduation – it all happened there. She tried shrugging off the sense of uneasiness that slowly crept over her as she walked to the ballroom and thought, “I haven’t kept in touch with these people at all. What am I doing here?” It was only through Facebook that she even knew what they looked like now. That social networking site seemed to be the only bit of glue that was holding a very old rickety school bench together.

A girl in the distance just entering the ballroom caught her eye. She was the popular one – all the boys wanted to get to know her, all the girls wanted to be her friend. She thanked her stars she wasn’t part of her entourage back then. She could immediately picture herself walking down the quad with this girl more than 15 years ago. “I like your jacket. Your fashion sense has improved,” she had said back then. Sharon quickly checked her reflection in a hallway mirror. “Yes,” she thought, “I’m dressed for the occasion.”

Who does Sharon meet from her past? Was it like she expected? Find out in the second part here.


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