High Heels and Old Friends (Contd…)

Read the first two parts of this three-part series and catch up here.

Sharon smiled at the familiarity, which she had been looking for all evening, and walked towards her with a spring in her step. The girl who called out to her was dressed in a peach backless dress, looking as beautiful as she always did. The other girl wore a purple figure hugging tube dress, which she fit into perfectly. The three guys looked one better than the other. “Men can never go wrong with formals, blazers or suits – they look nothing but gorgeous,” she thought. Hugs and kisses passed around, and Sharon finally felt comfortable. Each hug was so comforting, so genuine. That was it – the 6 of them were together again. Slowly she realised that she hadn’t been in touch with some of those standing around her – but what amazed her was that it didn’t matter. They had been through a lot together, they grew up together, they meant the world to each other. As Sharon looked at each one, she thought back to the time they last interacted. She remembered calling one of them when her father passed away; another one when he got a well-deserved job promotion; the other when she needed writing advice; another an hour back discussing their anticipations of the night. When she looked at the last one, she remembered him proposing to her last fortnight. She caressed the ring on her finger with her thumb as she squeezed his hand with her other hand. A knowing glance up at him calmed her nerves.

There was no reason why she shouldn’t have come to the reunion. After all, she got the chance to catch up with those who really mattered. Just like in school, every social situation was so much more tolerable with her dysfunctionals around. Her nerves were calmed, her heart rate back to normal, life like it used to be. Everything was perfect.

————————————————— THE END —————————————————


One thought on “High Heels and Old Friends (Contd…)

  1. Fresh from a reunion that felt exactly like that (maybe a few years earlier, no rings and what not) – this was lovely. I enjoyed waiting for each part, I loved knowing that I was feeling what Sharon was feeling so much of the time. There’s a few people you’re truly yourself with and even if months pass with no contact – there’s still comfort with them that there will go away. Write more Faye 🙂

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