Wonders of a Book

There are many things that could draw you to a book, but fewer things that keeps you hooked on to it. I’ve jotted down a few reasons why I believe books are great. If you have more to add, leave a comment.

One moment you’re in an open jeep slowly following a tiger, and the next, you’re getting off a local train at the station.

You can get so immersed in the life of a character, that you find yourself living their lives, rooting for them, crying and laughing with them. A book is definitely the greatest escape one can find.

In reading different books, you are exposed to characters who react like you do, and sometimes react like you wished you had.

That familiar fresh smell you get when you open a new book.

A brilliantly written book, can help you create the best imagery in your head – a world for you to get lost in.

The only similarity between a book in the hands of two different people is the number of pages; what each person takes from the book will be vastly different.

To possess a great book is a close equivalent to a time machine – It can take you back and forth in time, it can slow down time and even speed it up.

A book with pictures greatly helps you visualize the scene, but great are those books where the words form the picture in your head.

A great book comes with sound proofing; you get so lost in the words, that you can find silence amidst the noisiest of places.

A book with a plain cover, means the author has faith in his words – he is confident that that is what will sell his book.


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