Why I Want to Travel

After reading this blog post by Earl on why he travels so much, along with a ting of jealousy, I began to think back to the time when the travel bug bit me. Was it when I started to read travel books? Or was it during my trip to the Valley of Flowers? Or perhaps my annual trips back home from Dubai?

Despite returning to India for a holiday once every year, I would say that my first real holiday was one I took from college – to Goa. It was 6 of us, and we took a last minute overnight bus there. For people who were used to the comfort of short flights, the long and cold bus ride was in short – terrible. At the time I believed that the shortest route to a destination was the best – after all, who would trade in a 45-minute flight for a 10-hour long road journey? After going through the same 10-hour long journey just last weekend, I would say that I would consider it. While I can’t deny the beauty in the aerial view of a city or town, this trip (apart from others) taught me that the beauty of travelling is in the journey, not the destination. Those who have been to the north of India, would agree that you’re missing out on the best part of your journey, if you take a flight directly to Kullu or Kashmir.

It’s difficult to pin point the exact time I fell in love with travelling, but I believe that it slowly crept into me when I least knew it – while the view of the Goan sunset took over my senses, when the beauty Taj Mahal had be spellbound, when the view of the snow-capped mountains was the only thing in my line of sight, when a 13 km trek almost brought to my knees, when I could feel the roar of the aircraft taking off deep down in my heart, when the mist around the mountains parted to reveal a lush green valley of flower – it’s plagued me now.

So why do I want to travel?

To meet new people.

To break away from monotony.

To get a new perspective.

To experience humility.

To explore new territory.

To learn.

To spend time staring at the little things.

To know how vast the world is – no matter how far you go, there’s always a place you’ve not been to.

“I don’t care how big and fast computers are, they’re not as big and fast as the world.” ~ Herbert Simon


3 thoughts on “Why I Want to Travel

  1. Rhea says:

    Oh so nice. I would love to travel – I really, really would. I might have to plan all my trips with you for lack of anyone else who would spend the time, money or effort to stare at the little things, that’s almost always my favourite part. 🙂

  2. Ajeet says:

    “…the beauty of travelling is in the journey..” I couldn’t agree more !!! I love to travel. And yes I like Road and Rail better than Plane, more life in it I think. Also they are cheaper (not so sure about roads with the petrol hike).

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