Being You & Me

The shrill ring of the phone snapped you out of your reverie – 8:30 AM every day, it was no surprise, it was the same person.

Hours passed like minutes, years passed like months – we grew up together. Times when the phone wasn’t engaged was spent sitting huddled over a scoop of ice cream, or taking the long walk home. Love and life were our favorite topics – we laughed till we cried, and cried till we laughed – always together.

Hearts broke and tempers flared, but thankfully we were not responsible for either. Instead we saw each other through. Houses, beaches, dances, bbqs were on top of our lists. We studied together yet learnt the most important lessons outside, still together.

Many like us were put to the test; but we proved ourselves – we didn’t know it then, but distance was no match for us. We were rewarded in plenty. Nights were longer than the days, time longer than ever. It seemed like we had our whole lives ahead of us – meals, parties, holidays, movies – all together. Hours again passed like minutes and two years passed like barely 2 months. We were at the crossroads yet again. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last time distance played its wicked game.

We’ve lived almost next door, and more than a 1,000 miles away, and it’s never felt any different.

Could 25 be our lucky number?


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