Against the Setting Sun

The yellow and red of the setting Sun was a complete contrast to her mood. As she watched the horizon go from blue to orange to a dark purple, the waves crashed against her feet. She was thankful for the firm rocks she sat on. She knew that soon the world that she knew will soon give way – rocks will crumble, waves will overlap, and skies will turn a dark grey.
Against the Setting Sun Goa

Out on the horizon, as the ocean seemed to douse the Sun with it’s cool waves, she thought back to the days when a sunset just meant the end of a day. The days were spent listening to the clicking of keys, ringing phones and constant chatter. Back then, she looked forward to the darkening sky – it was a sign of a near escape. It was a sign that soon, she would be in the company she chose – whether it was over a cup of coffee, outside a station, or even on the train back home – she would be happy. Of course, on some days, she wish the Sun would win its battle over the horizon and shine a little longer, allowing her a few more moments of freedom, but alas, routine always won over her dreams. As the water rose to hit her knee, she realised that the time had come to return. She looked back, passed the rocks she was seated on and, to the shore.

As she walked back, she heard the laughter that was always associated with these long walks to the edge of the rock-strewn coast. A chill breeze enveloped her, as if she were walking through a field of  ghosts – with a forlorn smile she realised she was walking through the ghosts of her past.

Her car stood there, waiting to take her to her destination, far away from these familiar waters. As she turned on the ignition, she took one last glance  at the waves, which were still relentlessly beating the shore, before pulling back again. She realised what havoc could be caused if that routine was disturbed; and prayed that her transition would be smoother.

Without another glance at her rear-view mirror, she drove away, slowly leaving behind a place she once called home.

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