Larger Than Life Bathing Experience

Imagine a world where the night sky is your ceiling, the green grass your flooring, the trees your protection from the harsh sun, the shadows your clock and an elephant your shower.

It was a scene from the new Cinthol Alive is Awesome campaign which introduced me to elephant bathing. The sight of the girl sitting atop an elephant being showered with a spray of water left me feeling so fresh. In India, elephants are largely considered to have traditional and religious significance. And to think that an animal so majestic and regal could splash around with you in such a playful and enjoyable manner is almost unthinkable.

High in the hills of Thekkady is an elephant camp called Elephant Junction, which offers visitors this unique experience. If you thought that you’ve had the best experience splashing around a lake with friends, this elephant bathing experience is something larger than life. To see the elephant live in its natural habitat and to be able to be a part of that environment is all the adventure you can possibly think of. If you think you feel fresh after a bath, try this experience and you will definitely feel alive.

There are more than one ways to enjoy elephant bathing. Try climbing up the elephant’s back for a top of the world experience. And don’t fear, if you bring animal friendly skills to the lake, the elephants will show their caring nature, and will not mind the intrusion into their watering hole. You can try to play a game of tug-of-war with them too, but be prepared to be on the losing team.

Other places to experience elephant bathing:

Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Chitwan, Nepal


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