The Lake at the Foot of a Hill

There are times in your life when you wonder what good you could have possibly done to deserve such a great experience. Times when you feel that karma is repaying you hundredfold, at one fell swoop. It’s at those times when you truly feel that being Alive is Awesome!

We were in Goa, and having explored both Baga and Calangute beaches, we were in search of something new and unexplored. These beaches were too popular, and thus, too crowded. In what proved to be one of my most rewarding conversations in Goa, we found out about a sweet water lake in Arambol. With a full tank, and a little money in our pockets, we set off to discover the sweet water lake there. It was at this time that I discovered the beauty of travelling with no definite road map – we knew our destination, but didn’t know the way. And let me tell you, Goa is the best place to explore. After all, we wouldn’t have found Mandrem beach had we not got lost. We were mesmerized by the coloured huts that stood on the pure white sands of Mandrem, and we thought it couldn’t get better than that. What was supposed to be just a 15 minute detour had us walking the Mandrem sands for more than an hour.

Little did we know what more was in store for us. The main beach of Arambol was not our final destination – we had to walk further north on rocks and go through a little path with shacks on either side before we reached our heaven on earth. This smaller beach of Arambol was well protected by rocks strewn on the coast, and when we turned behind to look at the hill towering behind us, we were treated to a sight so splendid – the sweet water lake standing at the foot of the hill. It was exactly what we were looking for – this beautiful beach was occupied by barely 7 to 8 people, and what we loved was that no one seemed to be bothered by anyone else.

From a distance, the lake reflected the black rocks that were strewn on the bottom, but upon closer inspection, we realised that the water was crystal clear. Without losing another moment, we jumped in and within seconds were completely drenched from tip to toe. It was the perfect reward – the chilled fresh water of the lake that engulfed us after walking half an hour in the late afternoon sun, and the clear water after the long 25 km ride from Baga. There’s nothing better than this freshness after a tiring day, the feeling of being so alive after walking in the hot sun. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes to be completely immersed by the fresh, alive feeling, but even an hour seemed like the time spent at the lake was too less.

A cut on my foot from the sharp rocks stands as evidence and a memory of a time when I felt so fresh, so alive, so awesome!


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