Feeling Alive in the Rain

The beads of sweat falling from my forehead were glistening in the afternoon sun. The summer had gone on for long enough this year. When would it end? Would we ever get respite from the scorching sun?

It was a hot June afternoon. Throats were parched, heads were hot, tempers were flaring, but that didn’t put a stop to the grind. Phones kept ringing, computers kept running, printers kept printing and people kept typing. The world outside turned a distinct shade of yellow, almost as if drawing attention to what was about to happen. A quick sprint down the stairs, and out the door was all that kept me from this experience. There I stood, with my arms spread, allowing the drops of rain to slowly hit my head, and soak through, leaving me with a feeling of being alive and awesome. There was no care that it was dirty, carrying with it every bit of the city’s pollution in every drop. It was the first rain and I just had to soak in the feeling, the wind, and the smell of wet mud, so closely associated with the first rain. As the rain slowly soaked every dry and parched bit of me, I noticed how a genuine smile crept on me so easily. It had been hiding behind the heat and frustration, which was washed out by the first monsoon shower. A glance up at the sky, to thank God for the blessing, and I was blinded by the big drops that feel from the sky.

Drenched, I spent the next hour admiring the rain gushing down from the sky, and flooding every inch of space it found. It cleaned the roofs, the cars and fortunately, every bit of sweat I’d experienced since the beginning of summer.

It’s not often that you truly feel alive. After writing several blogs for Cinthol’s Alive is Awesome campaign, I’ve come to realise that the true feeling of being alive lies in the thrill of experiencing something for the first time. It lies in the feeling of knowing that you’re overcoming fear. It lies in the hearts of those who throw caution to the wind, and experience life first hand. You can’t just stay alive, you need to be alive.


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