An Alive and Awesome Adventure

It’s been a month of adventure – or rather a month of reliving past adventures. Being a part of the Cinthol Alive is Awesome blogging campaign has taken me on journeys that I had almost forgotten – back to sunny beaches, misty mountains, gushing rapids and even to the bottom of the ocean.

It reminded me of the time when the Valley of Flowers welcomed me with its gushing rivers, towering trees and misty mountains. With the water flowing in the Pushpavati river having melted directly from the glacier, describing it as ‘ice cold’ is an understatement. We had trekked 3 kms into the Valley of Flowers, to a small makeshift bridge over the flowing river. To a group of people with parched throats, that was a more than pleasant sight. Pondering over the philosophy of the campaign always takes me back to that day, to that moment when the water touched my face. There was nothing more natural and refreshing than that – nothing that has made me feel more alive. It can wake up a hibernating bear, and send shivers up the spine of a polar bear. For me, it was a refreshing reminder of everything that nature has to offer – be it hidden in the west Himalayan mountains, or a sunset out for everyone to see. Being splashed with that water made every inch of my body jump up and take notice of the picturesque surroundings.

The campaign also took me back to a time which was perhaps wrongly underrated in my list of Alive is Awesome experiences – a midnight dive into a swimming pool…in the harsh cold of winter. Chilling cold water hasn’t been my forte and the thought of dousing myself in it wasn’t on the top of my agenda. It was with hesitation and extreme cajoling that I reluctantly jumped in. That 4 feet of chilly clear blue water contributed to one of my most mind numbingly cold experiences. Rising above the surface, gasping for breath is the moment I think about every time I see the Polar Plunge film.

It’s been a great experience to be associated with this campaign, and more than taking me through these past adventure bathing experiences; it has urged me to explore more destinations – to make me once again feel alive and awesome!


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