Fine Foods, Benaulim

For me Goa has always been relaxing with the sun and sand on the beaches of North Goa. After Calangute and Baga became too crowded, we shifted further up north to the beaches of Anjuna, Vagator and Morjim.

This time though, we decided to tickle our taste buds with the flavours of South Goa. And boy, were we delighted!

Fine Foods, Benaulim Beach Road

Squid Masala Fry
Squid Masala Fry

We stumbled upon this little quaint restaurant on a walk to Benaulim Beach, and made sure we traversed down this path again just to visit this little restaurant. At the outset, we didn’t expect much from the restaurant – we just wanted to try something new for dinner. What drew my attention to the restaurant were the long blue lights hanging from the ceiling. Upon closer inspection, they were regular CFC lights masked in blue cellophane paper, and then covered with a cylindrical white paper. It was before 10 at night and only a few couples were in the restaurant. Warily, we ordered a plate of Golden Fried Squid, Prawn Masala Fry and Fried Fish with Tartar Sauce. In one word – delectable. The fried fish (kingfish) was cooked to perfection – batter was crispy on the outside, and fish was fresh and juicy. The fish marinated with a light batter and combined with tartar sauce was mouth-watering. From experience, we knew that squids had to be tastefully cooked, so as to not let it be under or over cooked, and Fine Foods managed it perfectly.

Mackerel Recheado Fry
Mackerel Recheado Fry

The medium-sized prawns were marinated in the popular Goan recheado masala, and fried to excite and leave your taste buds wanting more. If you can take the spiciness of the Goan cuisine, try the as well.

Having visited some of the popular recommended shacks and restaurants in Goa, this restaurant nestled in between a range of shops on Benaulim Beach Road, was a perfect treat to our taste buds.


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