Someone in the world excited about having just swiped their credit card online. They are putting in their leave applicationboarding pass and checking out the best deals on travel packages. Someone is preparing themselves for an adventure,  reading hotel and restaurant reviews. They are excitedly telling their friends about their next journey. Holding a golden ticket to their next destination and looking for hotels with the best view, someone is researching the popular tourist activities. Someone is getting their vehicle checked to ensure an issue-free road trip. They are making arrangements to have someone water their plants. Someone is recapping old stories hoping to make better memories this time. They preparing their palette for the exotic food available and converting their money to the local currency. In all their excitement, someone forgot to print their tickets.

Airport runwaySomeone is walking into an airport or railway station and is too excited to feel the weight of their bags as they lift it onto the check-in counter. Someone is busy updating their location and tweeting about their journey. Someone is looking for the boarding gate for their flight and is too excited to even understand the words in her book as she waits at the boarding lounge. They are eagerly clutching their handbags as they board the flight. Someone is looking for their seat and hoping they don’t have to deal with crying babies throughout their journey. They are saying a silent prayer as the plane gathers speed and gets ready to take off. Someone is admiring the view of the city below and looking toward the sky to their next destination and hours later is putting their seatbelts back on as the flight gets ready to land. Someone is changing the time zone on their phones as soon as they put it on. Someone is waiting for their bags at the conveyor belt, while the other is looking for their name on a cardboard as they walk out of the airport. Someone is taking in all the sights and sounds of a new place as they drive by. Someone is excited. Someone is happy. Somewhere out there someone is living their dream.

That someone will soon be me.


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