Your home screen may never be the same again!

This post is definitely not what I normally blog about, so you can imagine just how much this caught my fancy!

It was the personalization options that drew me to Android, and after about 2 years, it’s still that aspect that fascinates me the most. It goes without saying that I’ve tried several launchers in the hope of changing the look and several widgets and screens to make sure that the apps I use regularly are right where I want them. Camera. Search. Mail. Social. Instant Messaging. Calendar. Calculator (yes my Math is questionable). Notes. And that’s only a few of the apps I want at my fingertips.

And just when I was almost tired by the layout I’d been using, hello Aviate! And I don’t think I could have imagined it any better. Aviate aims to scan your device, categorise your apps and deliver the information you need right on your home screen. Much like Google Now. Which is no surprise considering the co-founders both previously worked at Google.

They have worked on the insight that people use different apps at different times of the day, and at different locations. It’s true isn’t it? You would use a restaurant review app when you’re out, the appointments app largely when you’re in office, and navigation apps in transit. And that’s exactly how they’ve made it accessible for you. Your home screen adapts to your system time and your location.

The morning screen shows you your appointments for the day and the weather. The night screen shows you your appointments for the next day, the weather and the alarm that has been set. It also has a smart ‘Do Not Disturb’ option which cleverly silences your phone, so that you are not snapped out of your reverie. When you head out for a bite, the app suggest places near you and provides tips via foursquare.

What’s interesting is that you can choose to classify your apps into multiple categories. So your finance tracking apps can be categorised in finance, entertainment and travelling, making sure you track your expenses on the go.

And they haven’t forgotten about all those useful widgets you’ve downloaded. You can also choose to which widget os featured in which space depending on your location and time. And what about the apps you use regardless of time and location? Thankfully you can choose up to 10 apps that will always show up at the bottom of your home screen, despite the time or location.

And the best part? It’s accessible by invite only.

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