Bali: The Goa of Indonesia?

If Goa’s party capital is the Calangute-Baga-Anjuna stretch, then Kuta is definitely the party capital of Bali. After just a night in Kuta, I can definitely say that Balinese know how to party! Mouths overflowing with alcohol and hips swaying more furiously than Shakira’s – and that’s just the start of a party in Kuta. Party all night if you can, and enjoy a late breakfast at one of the very contemporary hotels dotting the street.

Sunset at Echo Beach (near Canggu)But does the comparison end there? Is there a softer side of Bali, for those South Goa lovers out there? If you’re one of them, head to Canggu (pronounced Changu) – the one and only place to catch the best surfing waves in Bali. After a long day batlling with the waves, order a Bintang (local beer) and enjoy the view of the blushing sky as the sun is slowly doused by the cool blue waves. So calm and quiet is Canggu that even hotel staff seemed to disappear after sunset.

Tegallalang Rice TerracesIf you’ve ever read up even a bit on Bali, you’d know that Bali is rich in culture. After all, it didn’t get its name of ‘The island of a thousand temples’ for no reason. Some even claim that there are more temples than homes in Bali. But Ubud is cultural capital of the island. The traditional Barong and Kecak dances, Tegallalang rice terraces, popular temples like Besakih, Goa Gajah and Tirta Empul, and the ever-popular Monkey Forest are all a short ride away from central Ubud. If it were to be compared to Panaji in Goa in terms of culture, it would win hands down.

So is there a place where you can enjoy the serenity of Canggu and yet still enjoy a fun night out? Seminyak would be the perfect place! With long winding lanes like Canggu and a perfect beach side setting at Potato Head Beach Club, you will never want to leave this place. Spend the day walking around discovering new places to gorge on delicious food, the night by the beach sipping on some of the most divine cocktails, and stay at one of the several traditional Balinese villas dotting the lanes. It’s a day you will never regret.

And if all of this hasn’t convinced you of the stark differences, landing on a runway halfway into the ocean at Ngurah International Airport definitely will.


There’s more you need to know before you plan your holiday to Bali. Read this for a glimpse into their traditions and cultures.


4 thoughts on “Bali: The Goa of Indonesia?

    1. @backpackerlee That took me right back to my evening at Tanah Lot. Bali sure was an experience that I’ll never forget. I’ve got a few more posts about my Bali adventure coming up. Stay tuned! 🙂

      1. My experience in Bali was good and bad. There were great things, but also places like Pura Mother Besakih, where everyone got hassled for money. The authorities need to clamp down. I was also not impressed with the beaches, compared to, say, Malaysia.

      2. Hassling for money is a definite let-down for tourists in Bali, which include the local exchanges. Beaches like Kuta and Nusa Dua were definitely not appealing – more than anything, I was appalled by the sheer crowd. I loved the serenity of Seminyak though, although it still may not be comparable to Malaysia. That’s on my list of must-visits too! 🙂

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