Malaysia: Truly Asia

I’ve been on Malaysian soil for barely a couple of hours during a stopover to Indonesia last year, but have still been bitten by the little Malaysian bug that reminds me that country has been on my bucket list for a long time now. Where would I go when I cross Malaysia off my bucket list? Here goes.
Gomantong CavesGomantong Caves
As a person, I’ve always been happier when I’m away from the crowd. As a traveler, I echo these same qualities. I avoid the bulk of the tourists by travelling during off-peak months. I’d choose a long walk through winding roads over any ‘party-all-night’ plan. I love the solitude and the peace that goes away during peak season. So it’s only natural that I’d be floored by a place like this: a massive crack in a mountain, a cathedral-like grand inner chamber formed of limestone, spot-speckled with tubes of golden sunlight – how can I resist that sight?
malaysian food
 Gorge on authentic Malaysian food
I’ve spent way too many nights watching TV presenters travel around the world and give us just a look at the mouth-watering local delicacies. When I visit Malaysia, there’s nothing else I’d rather gorge on. Penang Mee Rebus. Trengganu Nasi Dagang. That’s just a few that I’ve heard of and my mouth is already watering.
mulu canopy skywalk
Mulu Canopy Skywalk
It’s the only way to see what a tropical rainforest is all about! After all, most of the flora and fauna do their thing high up in the trees. And what better way, than to traverse across the longest tree-based walkway in the world – the Mulu Canopy Skywalk. Imagine this: Walking among the ferns and vines 15 – 25 metres above the forest floor and river – it’s probably the closest I’d get to the rainforest ‘web of life’
tioman islandTioman Island, Pahang
I do love exploring and unearthing new adventures, but I can’t deny being a beach lover too. The inner-Goan always pushes me to yet another sandy beach. And when it’s hailed as one of the best beach getaways, I’m definitely not going to miss it! Pictures speak a thousand words, and this one is using every word in the dictionary to call me out there!
petronas towers
Petronas Towers
Yes, I know this would be contradictory to my preference to keep away from the main tourist attractions, but how can you go to Malaysia and not visit these shimmering stainless steel-clad towers? After all, I can’t miss that view from the mid-level Skybridge can I?

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