Travelling the world, one leave at a time

I can’t go back to the exact time when I was bitten by the bug, but I had been bitten, and badly. It wasn’t a spider that bit me, so I didn’t have palms that shot out strong silk webs, that allowed me to curb crime, swing between buildings or hang upside down and kiss a boy in the rain.

But this bug instilled in me a new passion. A desire to experience something that goes beyond the ordinary. A new-found love for the unknown, the unexplored. Yes, I had all the symptoms – the wanderlust bug had bitten me and its venom had seeped into my very core.

This left me at crossroads. Should I give up everything I’ve built in my career to travel, explore and do what I love? Or instead, should I pay no heed to that itch inside of me?

I say, why choose? Have the best of both worlds!

Manali LandscapeSure, my love for writing would make travel writing a lucrative option, and many others are out there living the dream, but in the event that I can’t guarantee a regular inflow of funds, I’d start to freak out. Let me make this clear – travelling is not my only goal in life. I want a family, a house to call my own, and maybe even a car that my kids would learn to drive before I did. Call me selfish, but I want it all.

Today, I work in advertising, and from a very young age, I’ve wanted to have a say in how brands talk about themselves, more importantly, how they talk to their customers. And now that I’m getting that chance, it’s not one I want to just give up.

What’s the next best thing? Use what I enjoy doing, to fund what I love doing. Sounds perfect, right?

And let me tell you, it’s possible! Let’s start breaking the myths:

  • Do I have enough leave?
      If you’re even in the least bit social – online or via Whatsapp, you will receive a list of long weekends at the beginning of each year. That’s when you start making your plans. Use the normal 2-day weekend to take a break and visit hill stations and destinations in and around your city. Leave the long weekends to discover a new city. Club your leave with long weekends, and you could explore a new country.
  • Bali Tanah LotWhat happens when I’m all out of leave? 
      Use your trump card: work remotely. Spend the day in a cafe with WiFi and wrap up your work for the day. What wouldn’t you enjoy about biting into some local cuisine and catching up on your daily work? Who knows, maybe you’ll meet some locals or other travelers like you.
  • How do I save up money? 
      It’s simple. Calculate how much you spend every weekend on unnecessary shopping binges, dining out, drinking out. Calculate the tax you’re paying the Government each time, and trust me, you’ll move to dining and drinking at home, and shopping just when it’s needed. In addition, open a new account for yourself and don’t give in to the temptation of getting a Debit Card linked to that account. Use this account to transfer excess funds after investment as soon as you receive your salary. In the account that you use on a daily basis, keep the bare minimum needed for you survive every month. Trust me, there’s no better feeling than planning a holiday and already knowing that you can afford it.
  • Can I afford a holiday and a new home?
      It’s not impossible. It’s now time to fall back on those regular investments. Try to break as little as possible to make your down payment. And in the year that you make the down payment, don’t plan an international holiday. Holidays in India aren’t really that expensive if you’re not in it for the luxury.

So what are you waiting for? Get clicking and plan your next holiday! Do you have anything else that’s stopping you? Leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Travelling the world, one leave at a time

  1. Also, get a nice credit card that gives you miles as points and make sure you rake up as many miles before you book your tickets. Learnt it from the best 🙂

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