Why I Write

I write to communicate.

To explain what I feel.

To make a living.

I write to free my mind.

To explore my depth.

To share my experiences.


I write to open new doors.

To express emotions.

To hold on to relationships.

I write to store memories.

To give meaning to my thoughts.

To give my mind a break.

I write to maintain my motor skill.

To find the loopholes.

I write to remember.

To give others a voice.

I write.

Until letters become words.

Until words become sentences.

And until sentences become paragraphs.

To tell beautiful stories.


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. veenawarrendsouza says:

    You write to weave magic with words. YOu write profoundly and deeply, words convey more than just what your feel. The experience and the emotions, come tumbling out phrased well, tied up neatly, till it drives the point home! Phew! You have been my inspiration…I’ve learnt from you how to use words

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